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About: Aquaspace
It's the twenty-first century...
Mankind once created a great television show called seaQuest DSV.
As a fan of seaQuest and its fellow Questies, we are its presevers.
...for beneath the surface lies the future.

    Looking around the seaQuest fanfics(and scifi sites in general) over the years I've noted a severe lack of computer generated images for seaQuest, despite the fact it was one of the first to use computer modelled action. Anyway, in response to this I've chosen to create a website which will be a haven for those Questies who enjoy pouring over computer generated images and for those Questies who enjoy creating them.


seaQuest DSV and 2032 are the ownership of Amblin Entertainment and the Scifi Channel.
No copyright infringement is intended.
All other materials- Daniel Williams Copyright 2001-2002
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