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One of the greatest difficulties of creating seaQuest 3d models is trying to recreate the bio-skin texture that was used on the seaQuest herself.  Below is a screen-capture of the seaQuest sailing into hostile waters and the other two are failed attempts to mimic the appearance of the seaQuest's bio-skin.

Taken from the episode "Better than Martians"
Not only does this screen-capture demonstrate the bioskin texture, but also gives you a good example of what the underwater terrain looked like and how it was textured.  In addition, there is some definition of the fog being used here.

One of my first attempts to create a bio-skin was applied to the horrible seaOdyssey model you see a portion of here.  Despite its shear ugliness the colors almost right.  But, yeah, you won't be seeing any new pictures of this...

My most recent attempt...and much improved, if you ask me, has a two-color noise map for diffuse color and that same map instanced into the bump texture.  Looking at the screen-capture above, I now believe that multiple noise maps will be the best way to create the appearance of a bio-skin like that used on the seaQuest.  This texture will require heavy editing and color changes before I'll be able to use it.  Updates to come...