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August 28, 2003
Well, seaFiction, as it once was known, is now no more...  Well, it is, but it ain't.  I know...  Keep reading.

I've moved seaFiction to so that I may practice writing html and start breaking away from using html editors like the defunct program, Trellix, that this entire site has been composed on(including this final update).  Just use the 'ol sub-domain and you'll get there.

As for this place...  My intention is to leave it up as long as Tripod will allow.  I guess this is kind of a fulfillment of the progression of all the great seaQuest sites.  Nearly every one of them began life on either Tripod or Geocities and was later moved...  However, I intend to diverge from the tradition at not allowing an end come to seaFiction.  As long as I have an interest in 3d modelling and seaQuest it'll be around(I've been interested in sQ for ten years now and I'd like to make modelling a career.  So, seaFiction is going for the long stretch...).  Just remember the sub-domain or e-mail me directly.  (btw, I've had my the same e-mail address for about five years now and I expect to keep it for at least another five...  You should always be able to contact me that way...)

Well, keeping things alive brings me around to why I haven't updated the site in so long...

A)  New Cape Quest is quite the time consumer...  Been greetin' Questies left and right.

B)  I've been up to the usual black project schemes for the seaQuest universe...  The primary one has been announced on NCQ.  Look for "The wheel turns, does it not?"  Hey, maybe you can even help me out with it...

C)  A good chunk of my time went into making the new site which was mostly coded from scratch by hand and mind.  I think it turned out pretty good.  I'd still like to know why the stupid thing doesn't center vertically...  You can catch a glimpse of some of my latest models on the homepage there...  There's also some cool stuff in the WIPs area.


Message Ends.

May 2, 2003
Something completely different from me today.  In fact, it's not even of the seaQuest universe.  I created an armored personel carrier for a contest on the forum.  Unfortunately, I was unable to participate in the contest but I decided to go ahead and finish it up today.  Have a look here.

April 30, 2003
I now officially present the Eagle Ray.  The Eagle Ray is a subfighter built for the confederations during the chaos prior to 2018.  Its overpowered engines and slightly bulky design didn't meet the specifications of NORPAC, who preferred the elegant but fierce seaSpeeder.  As such, the Eagle Ray was not originally a part of the UEO subfighter inventory.  However, when hostilities grew with the Macronesians after the disappearance of the seaQuest and several colonies fell to the Macronesian advance a few of these fighters were sold or donated to the UEO.  The Macronesians also "acquired" several of them with the colonies and now make up a notable percentage of their heavy assault subfighters.

Choose your resolution for the first release image here.

April 8, 2003
A fun little update making fun of one of the biggest "reality" TV series in history...  Go choose your resolution.

February 13, 2003
A very small update...literally.  In fact, it can't get smaller than this...  Something I've been wanting to try is to create some smilies (ex. ) based on the seaQuest universe for possible use on the NCQ Forum sometime in the future.  Click here to see my first two creations.  Feel free to send me suggestions for future smilies.

While I was at it I updated the Links page a bit since Atlantis ASV sent me his site's banner today.  It's all a little messy right now because every one of the Fanfiction banners aren't standard banner size and are all a different size. :-\  I'll try to resize them sometime in the near future.

February 12, 2003
Free site addons are the subject for today's update...
Are you dying to get a seaFiction Designs banner to put on your website?  Well, given the lack of traffic here I suspect that answer is a resounding no...  But nonetheless here is banner for you to use on your site.

Need some graphics to spruce up your site?  Well, I've created the first image of what will become a part of a new freebies section that is currently in development.  In the mean-time feel free to use the following image on your websites.  The only condition is that I ask you to put the aforementioned banner somewhere on your site and adhere to any future requests regarding its use.  This image was created to be used as a small supplemental image to a tech specifications page for the seaLaunch.

If you have a website with a background other than black please send me an e-mail and I'll tailor the image's edges to your website's background color.

Fixed some of the problems with the site when using 800x600 resolution that were the result of the justification tweaks from the last update.  Looks like the home page is still off quite a bit...  I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to correct it without major modifications.  It may just have to wait until I rebuild the site...whenever that is.

February 6, 2003
An unfortunate update today...  I was horrified when I was awakened by my father at 10am on February 1st to be told that NASA had lost contact with the space shuttle Columbia.  It is not something that I have been able to talk much about since.  I have always believed very strongly in space exploration and have been very optimistic about its future advances.  Shortly after I became aware of the extent of what had happened I decided I needed to do something in tribute of the crew's ultimate sacrifice.  Being short on ideas and the incident very fresh at heart I decided to delay work for a few days.  Well, last night I decided that I
had put it off long enough and so I put togeather a simple but decent image that I hope may convey my everlasting sorrow for the loss of the crew of STS-107.  Click here to select your resolution.

February 4, 2003
Slight update today.  I put togeather a small page in the Concepts section demonstrating my attempts to recreate the seaQuest's bio-skin texture and display a screen-capture of what the actual bio-skin texture looked like.

I also made some slight justification tweaks that I've been putting off.

January 15, 2003
Well, I've finished up the seaLaunch reconstruction.  Check it out here.  This will be the first mesh up for public download, but unfortunately that won't be for a few days for the following reasons:  A. I need to clean up the mesh for personal use.  B. I'll have to collapse and export the mesh for other people to use.  C. I've got to find some space within my Tripod account in order to be able to upload it.  The last of these reasons may mean that I will have to take down the old seaArrow site...either in part or in whole.  It has been unused and hasn't been updated in over a year.  However, I cringe at the thought of another seaQuest site going offline at my hand.  The site, for me, has been a reminder of the ways not to run a seaQuest website (and not to be too dependable on other people).  I've so far left it up so that others may learn that same lesson.  If you have any thoughts on this or anything else...feel free to e-mail me at, if you like, you can post your thoughts in the New Cape Quest Forum.

January 10, 2003
Slight update to follow-up the big one.  I went ahead and put up some progress pics of my efforts to reconstruct the aging seaLaunch.  Having few pictures for reference some things my be slightly disproportionate.  When it is finished this will become my first mesh that we be available to the public.  Post your comments on the NCQ message boards.  I updated the link at the bottom of each page to point to as body used the original ezboard message board anyway.  I don't blame them...

January 5, 2003
Big update.  I've created my first really professional scene which happens to include my newest and most advanced subfighter creation, the seaWraith.  I doubt I'll be topping this image anytime in the foreseeable future.  I created everything in this scene but the poster in the background which most of you should be able to recognize. Enjoy it.

Do not at all be discouraged by the lack of updates here on the site.  I've been holding back on publishing much of my recent work so I can surprise you folks with a new, heavily updated site...and also announce some rather spactacular projects that are currently underway.

In other news, I am announcing the opening of the brand-spanking new New Cape Quest website and with it a new, high-end and ad-less forum.  The forum does not require you to sign-up for an account.  You can create a new post or reply to one just by leaving your name.  You can also, however, create a profile if you so desire.  I highly recommend you do as a just-in-case-we-run-into-lamers precaution.  This site is intended to be a community resource to which we all must contribute for it to be truly successful.  Please feel free to contact me about participating in this very important ongoing project.  Otherwise...start talking on the boards!

November 7, 2002
Gave the Links page a much needed URL update.  All the links should be working now.  Let me know if they're not.
The e-mail link in the upper left corner of each page has also been corrected.  Now lets see if I can't work on some meshes...

October 25, 2002
Things are really a mess for what remains of the seaQuest universe.  Another beloved seaQuest message board has gone kaput once again(old news, I know).  This has left my fellow Questies in serious disarray.

But an alliance has allowed a new hope.

In due time we will reveal a new home for all Questies:

A place of Development for new ideas and dreams...

A harbor of protection for those idea and dreams...

An adventure, a Quest to preserve and promote all that has been nearly lost.

Stay Tuned

Oh...I also have some UEO fighters lying around somewhere...keep an eye out for 'em.

August 14, 2002
"And now for something completely different..."  Okay not that different.  Today's feature is a brand spanking new seaQuest Screen Saver.  Yes, you heard right.  The first seaQuest Screen Saver to be made within the last four years(and that other one never worked for me anyway...).  Go on over to the Animations section to download it now!

August 4, 2002
Ugh... I just realized I broke the promise I made in my previous news update.  I have created the first of a series of UEO subfighters, the seaOtter.  It is not my best computer model to be sure, but I managed to give it a nice clean look with a nice set of texture maps.

I'll try to keep up my earlier promise with my next model.  :)
July 20, 2002
Two updates in two days?!  No, the world is not coming to an end.  I have finally gotten up a new EVA a mesh for you folks.  I present the seaHaul.  Yes, it is yet another one of my creations with a name that severly lacks imagination.  I promise my next craft's name will not begin with 'sea.'  You may also notice that I removed the Assail from the EVA Gallery.  I suppose the subfighter is now officially scrapped.  Well, what are you standing around here for?  Go have a look.

July 19, 2002
Gave the Links page a major overhaul.  I hope no one minds the the thumbnails of their website...  I was hoping to get a new EVA mesh up for viewing tonight, but it's 3:34 a.m. right now so I guess it'll have to wait till tomorrow.

July 1, 2002
Major update!  I am very pleased to announce that the Animations section is now finally up.
I just completed the very first animation Midpoint Arrival last week.  Please jump over there now and enjoy.  Just the parts you actually see in this animation took around 10-12 hrs to render.  That's not including the botched clips that didn't make the final cut.
June 19, 2002
Something speacial for the seaWolf fanfiction today.  A speacial page devoted to the development of the their emblem (all three of them).  Check it out here.  Found in Concepts section.

There are some projects that have been in development for a long while that are finally nearing their completion.  Check back soon and expect something big.

April 30, 2002
Well, I have a speacial treat for those of you that, may or may not still be visting the site(February 6th?  Ugh...).  I spent virtually my entire Saturday working on a new 3d mesh.  Yes, that's right...from the time I woke up(12:08PM, heh) to the time I got online(9:40PM).  At least nine hours, thirty-two minutes(I need a life.)  Hope you enjoy it.

Oh, this is all located in the EVA section, by the way, which I just kind of threw together for this ship.  I went ahead and put in some (old) SRV seaBug pictures(note the neglected 'seaArrow' in the lower left corner of each).  Ok, ok, the classified thing on the Assail picture is just plain corny.  I should have just left it out.  I will probably happen again.  Sorry.

February 6, 2002
The Forums are now open for your posting pleasure.  The color scheme may be off.  Internet Explorer likes to cause me a lot of trouble by not displaying the background every now and then.
Made a few minor corrections to the specs of the subs.
Also corrected the date on the previous news update, heheh...

Comming Soon:  A Goodies section for those of you who work on computer models.  Tips, instructions, and maps will be the content.

February 4, 2002
Hrmm...been awhile since the last update, huh?  Well, there's a good reason for that.  Have a look at the Sub Gallery and find out.  I doubt you will be disappointed.  One down.  Animations, Sub Base Gallery, EVA Gallery, and the Forums left to go.  Looks like I've got my work cut out for me.  The good news is I've learned a thing or two about animating since I made that opening gif animation for the splash page.  So, expect the Animations section to take off shortly after the EVA Gallery.  Don't forget to drop me a line about what you think of the site.

November 11, 2001
Well, here she is finally.  The first installment of seaFiction Designs.
Currently off-line: Forums and Animations
Galleries is up with only two pictures at the moment.
But this is only a beginning, not an end.