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U.E.O. Advanced Naval Sub Design Bureau********************

Office of Director of Program Operations

04 June, 2038

seaStrike DSCV
Brief:  High-speed command platform.  Ballistic and advanced weapons emergency command post designed to evade enemy vessels at extremely high speeds.
Ship Class:  seaStrike
Currently in Service:  (prototype)seaStrike DSCV, keel laid 09 June, 2031; seaTiger DSCV, keel laid 18 July, 2031; seaLion DSCV, keel laid 02 August, 2031; seaBear SASV, keel laid 03 February, 2032
Intended Function:  Deep Submergence Command Vehicle
Current Operator:  N.M.C.B./A.F.D.B.
Previous Operator:  A.N.S.D.B.

Contractor:  seaVenture Technologies
Power Plant:  Model 16d Fusion Reactor
Propulsion:  Two Amrita Aqua Turbojets
Performance:  Top Speed 192 knots

Offensive Armament
Eight forward torpedo tubes, two aft torpedo tubes- Fifty four Mark XVII Hrunting torpedoes, Twenty Mark XII Kraken EM Pulse torpedoes
One "high-power" plasma laser
Six variable offensive/defensive "light-power" plasma lasers

Two intercept-dedicated tube packs- Twenty-four Mark IX intercepts
Internal/External Acoustic Countermeasures (IEAC)
Double hulled with titanium plating
Standard Class I bio-skin


Director of Program Operations Adm. Richard L. Durham

(specified disclosure authorized)********************

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