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 X-Plane Sighting
Rory Kent

 It was just another beautiful California sunset for Bill Roberts from the pilot seat of his SkyDriver monoplane, that is, up until a very large aircraft suddenly appeared out of the distance.  "It was a big thing," Roberts recalls.  "It must be the new bomber plane to replace the old B-2," he speculates, referring to the outdated US stealth bomber plane.  "This thing looked like it could take out more than just a few installations, though.  More like, entire cities."
 Roberts' sighting has caused quite a stir amongst aircraft enthusiasts, offering suggestions of a whole slew of new technologies to keep the aircraft off the ground and maintain stealth.  While theories fly amongst the more eccentric bunch, the experts side with Roberts belief in a new super stealth bomber.  "The planes we could make for the US military would be mighty impressive.  I have no doubt that to the everyday man they would be quite a shock to them," says Ted Dolman, the public relations official for Aero Venture Industries, when asked about the sighting.  "Now, for us actually making the planes...Do you really think they'd tell a PR man, like me?"
 Although the aircraft Roberts caught sight of disappeared faster than it appeared he did manage to grab up his camera and get this image of the flying mystery.
 "I was scared to death by that thing," Roberts admits.  "But no man could possibly put aside a bit of fear when something of that size comes out of nowhere.  My first thought was to get out of there, and fast.  But I did get this picture," Roberts says, quite happy with himself.  "At least I got this picture before I ran out."

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