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As yet, no true specifications exist for the seaArrow or Midpoint sub base.  Why, you ask?  Well, that hasn't been decided by the writers yet, and, as there are no writers yet, then that makes you (hopefully an avid seaQuest fan) a prime candidate.  So, head on over to the Join section and join the seaArrow their quest to, as an unknown Questie once put it, "Keep Hope Alive."

Well...there are *some* early parameters for the seaArrow...

The seaArrow is a seaStrike-class ship.  The seaStrike-class was designed as a nuclear deterence submersible.  Also known as a DSCV-Deep Submergence Command Vehicle.  Since that time UEO representitives have ordered the UEO Navy to cancel production of vessels of that purpose in the hopes of preventing an escalation in nuclear warfare.  While negotiating to reduce nuclear warfare, the representitives also negotiated a reduction of military funding overall.  The UEO Navy, being an ocean research organization as well as international peacekeepers, pulled larger amounts of funding from the UEO for oceanic research, deciding that research vessels would be better than no vessels.  It is from this that the seaArrow came to being.  Still suffering from a notable lack of funding from the cuts the UEO Navy chose to reuse the seaStrike design.  The seaArrow was the first seaStrike-class vessel to become a DSV.